About The Wazo Group

So what does Wazo mean?

Wazo means “idea” in Swahili. So “The Wazo Group” means …. OK. Forget it. I just needed a domain name.

Exploration Discovery Invention Development

Mission Statement

The Wazo Group seeks to generate ideas through exploration into areas we have not gone before. We hope that we happen upon a discovery that might spark an idea for an invention. Then by development of the idea, people’s lives might be improved in some way.

The Honest Mission Statement

I seek money making ideas by exploring the internet. I hope that I happen upon a discovery that might spark an idea to develop.

Look! That’s really not as selfish as it sounds. In a free competitive society, the money you receive is only a measure of societies valuation of your contribution.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The ending clip of the movie summed it up well.

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Ideas Through Exploration, Discovery, Invention, and Development